For High scalability, More Flexibility and Fast performance, Use UpsilonData to manipulate your data

and data warehouse capabilities in memory to increase operational efficiency and enable new types of analysis. We simplify your decision-making with our Extreme OLAP Engine for Big Data

Let’s make business intelligence work with Hadoop!

UpsilonData is a multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) on Hadoop for extremely large datasets.

UpsilonData Goals

Our products aim to simplify Data use and make your analysis more performant. We provide distributed and scale out architecture for large data volume.

By using the newest innovations in Hadoop ecosystem UpsilonData supports your current BI capabilities.

UpsilonData’s Strategy

UpsilonData combine the power of business intelligence and the big data’s richness to support your business process.

We use Calcite as SQL core and Calcite’s Rex interpreter. We build cubes externally.
We provide the possibility of integration with Drill at some point for parallel execution.

Why BI professionals must move to Hadoop?

More and more data becoming available on Hadoop. High rapidity of interactive queries. ANSI SQL for both analysts and engineers.

Analyst or engineer, it’ll be a value addition to you career. You will use business intelligence tools that you know but with more interactive performance.

UpsilonData virtual cube

No more complexity, no data movement anymore!

With UpsilonData virtual cube we use full OLAP capability to offer advanced functionality. Our Dynamic Cubes reduce the complexity of old methods and simplify your analysis.


UpsilonData : petabyte-scale OLAP on Hadoop

UpsilonData is an enterprise ready Big Data, can integrate, prepare and analyze all of their structured and unstructured data, designed for petabyte-scale OLAP on Hadoop, which empowers sub-second query latency on hundreds of billions rows with ANSI SQL interface, and simplified Big Data Analytics for business users, analysts and engineers.

UpsilonData  : Work With Your Favorite Tools

UpsilonData can integrate, prepare and analyze all of their structured and unstructured data in Upsilon°. They can also send the results to their favorite analysis and BI tools to augment their traditional reporting and visual discovery capabilities.


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